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In 2004 he brought the Launch tool and the VAG-COM (now VCDS) in Italy, tools that are now widespread

all over Italy. The entry into force of EC directives 715/2007 and 692/2008 made the directives "operational" on 30/06/2010 and already 10 years ago he accepted the "challenge" to enter this "unknown" world of the pass-trhu world.
Since then, "hard" work has begun in this sector, when this term (pass-thru) was still unknown

by the majority of car repairers and even by manufacturers of generic diagnostic instruments.
33 years of experience in the world of generic diagnosis and  over 10 years of experience in this delicate sector.



Technical and commercial, he carries out consultancy activities at Passthru Srl regarding the original instruments.

Formed by the greatest experts in the sector specializes  in Marketing and online advertising strategies.


He began his work experiences in the automotive sector in 1981 in a leading European component company

of first plant for air conditioning systems in the technical / design department.

From 1989 in Magneti Marelli After market as trainer for the car thermal division until 1993.

Subsequently he becomes area technician and at the same time trainer for the car electronic systems and subsequently

in 2000 he became responsible for the technical call center, planning, realizing and coordinating the service activities and he works there

until 2003. Thanks to these experiences in the same year he founded together with Alberto Dester

(also a former trainer of Magneti Marelli after market) the Group Automotive T&D company which he still deals with

of network projects, assistance and development of technical services for car repairers

(Training, technical consultancy, Help desk, diagnostics)

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After the university experience, he began his activity in the Automotive sector in 2015, specializing

in problem solving on multi-brand diagnosis, passthru and OE diagnosis He still carries out consultancy activities at

Group Automotive T&D as a trainer and as a technical consultant for some development activities with automotive partners,

distributors and companies in the automotive sector. Among the prominent collaborations, the one at Passthru Srl as a technical-training trainer.

Additional skills carried out in the IT field.

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