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Hardware technical support and

Diagnostic tools software 

(VCI Officers / Passthru / PC)


Access on the Reserved Area allows you to generate email tickets for assistance requests, request remote assistance reservations, view technical documents and provide other useful information depending on the products purchased. This is to provide the possibility to independently manage the subsequent evolution / development phases of the software and hardware purchased (info updates SW, API, FW). In the video you can see how to use the 'Reserved Area and how to use all its features


The technical assistance service is divided into 2 levels:

1st LEVEL:

Assistance service provided via the web through ticket mail. Inside the reserved area it is possible to:  

  • Request technical support using Official and Passthru (approved) diagnoses

  • Request technical support (hardware, software) of the approved Official and / or Passthru Tools

  • Maintenance and updating of sotware 

  • Request technical support, failure of the anomaly, diagnostic data, electrical values detected on the ECUs (analogue, digital signals, networks) , analysis of the diagnostic reports

  • Consult internal and confidential communications, technical information specific to diagnostic tools (MVCI-VCI / Passthru) combined with the portals of the car manufacturers

  • Request an appointment for technical support in remote assistance on the services listed above

2nd LEVEL:

Remote assistance service to interact directly on the services listed in the 1st service (in order to be used it requires the booking code provided by our technician)  


In the video you will see an example of remote diagnosis assistance.

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